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[ppb_header size=”one” title=”Never Lose Your Place In The World” slug=”” subtitle=”Not a photographer. Not a writer. Just a guy who enjoys wandering around to new places, snapping pictures of cityscapes, and laughing with oddballs.” width=”100%” textalign=”center” padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]I’m one of those people who believe that seeing the world for yourself is the best way to understand it. That’s why I travel as much as possible. Life is too short not to be learning from one another. This website is mostly a selfish platform; a place for me to keep pictures and jot things down from my travels since I don’t keep a journal. But if it also ends up inspiring anyone else to go spend time with people whose thoughts, experiences, and ways of life are different from their own, well … that’s okay, too.[/ppb_header]

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